I've worked for almost nine years as a copywriter and editor at organisations large and small. I'm a veteran of:

What else? Well...


Before that I spent a few years producing film and TV subtitles for deaf, hard-of-hearing or overseas viewers.

I created subtitles for hundreds of famous films and award-winning TV shows, everything from The Wire to Terry & June; from The Matrix to Airplane!

Charity Volunteer

For many years I was a volunteer with the charity Bliss, counselling parents, families and friends of premature and poorly babies (they even gave me an award in 2015 for “going above and beyond”).

Why Bliss? Because of this.

Judge of Literature

Back in 2005 I was invited onto the judging panel for the Clarke Award, the UK’s top award for science fiction literature. I read every single science fiction novel published in the UK that year (all 65!). 

The winner we eventually chose was the wonderful Air by Geoff Ryman.

Political Candidate

I stood as a Green Party candidate in the 2010 and 2014 local elections, tripling my share of the vote in 2014 to come a very respectable third.

Poodle Chaos!

Back in the '90s I organised club nights across London and the south-east, managing and promoting events as part of a collective known as Poodle Chaos

We were regularly at the top of the club listings in Time Out.


I used to work at a Saturday School in Peckham teaching Maths and English to 9 and 10-year-olds.